My Media Designer 2021 Article RoundUp

The Digital Wild Wild West – The World Wide Web is filled with people and companies that prey on and take advantage of those who ‘don’t know any better’ or are ‘web illiterate’, and so we’re putting these unethical practices on blast.

There is No Deal in Wasting Money – When we come across website development companies that charge a ‘low’ monthly fee to build and manage websites, we see right through that business model as a huge waste of money. Why? The numbers are pretty clear.

Hiring Professionals Vs. Your Cousin – In my line of work, the know-how and ins-n-outs of our industry aren’t learned overnight, and the kind of work we do is nothing that should be handled-lightly, or done half-ass.

To Refresh or Not To Refresh, That is the Question – A major change in brand and identity could cost a company a lot of money and mindshare, and this is one reason why we like to recommend a brand refresh over new logo development.

My Media Designer is Top Small Business & Restaurant Web Companies – My Media Designer ranked 2nd on that list of the nation’s top web design companies that help small businesses and restaurants attract more traffic, both online and offline. We’re both honored and blessed to be recognized for our work.

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